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Staff College and RMA Sandhurst
Sunday 6th January 2008
by Robin Gray
photos by Graham Fisher

Course specialist, Irilut, returned to his winning ways, reversing last month’s defeat here by Whereareyounow in the Men’s Open at Tweseldown last Sunday.

Ridden close to the pace set by Whereareyounow, Irilut also took his revenge on Reflected Glory, who had beaten him at Dunthrop three weeks ago, and who finished second this time.

“On better ground and with two races under his belt, Irilut was back to his best,” said owner-trainer Robert Waley-Cohen, whose son Sam rode the 12 year old.

This was the best quality Open race seen so far this season, the three placed horses finishing within eight lengths of each other and the rest out of touch soon after halfway.

Rilly Goschen’s return to the saddle on the 99 winner mark after eight months successful treatment for cancer resulted in a satisfactory third on Victor Victorious won by the Richard Burton winner, Celestial Dragon.

“Horse and rider will both be so much better for that race,” said the smiling trainer Victoria Collins. “I run three horses at Barbary Castle next weekend – perhaps Rilly will score her century on one of those!”


Staff College and RMA Sandhurst Members
1 Dante’s Storm (P York)
2 The Convic
3 Toy Boy
Distances: 25 lengths, 2 lengths
3 ran

Dante’s Storm and Phil York have no problems landing the odds in the Members race

Point-to-Point Owners and Riders Club Members – Novice Riders
1 Bucket Awl (Miss J Carr)
2 Cross The Highman
3 Gulabill
1 length, 4 lengths
12 ran

Bucket Awl (Jennie Carr) stays on too strongly for Cross The Highman in the Novice Riders race

Mens Open
1 Irilut (S Waley-Cohen)
2 Reflected Glory
3 Whereareyounow
2.1/2 lengths, 5 lengths
9 ran - only 3 finished

Sam Waley-Cohen drives out Irilut to take the Mens Open from Reflected Glory and Whereareyounow and score a notable weekend double

Ladies Open
1 Shareef (Hannah Lewis)
2 Blue Business
3 Heaven Is Above
short head, 2 lengths
10 ran

Shareef and Hannah Lewis take the last en route to victory in the Ladies Open

The Restricted
1 Mr. Goofy (J Mahot)
2 The Tailor Carey
3 Fully Loaded
3 lengths, 25 lengths
9 ran

Mr Goofy and Jeremy Mahot take the Restricted from The Tailor Carey (Marcus Gorman)

The Maiden
1 Celestial Dragon (R Burton)
2 Captain Valiant
3 Victor Victorious
3 lengths, 12 lengths
13 ran

Richard Burton drives out the debutant Celestial Dragon to land the Open Maiden from Captain Valiant

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