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Vine & Craven
Hackwood Park
Easter Monday 13th April 2009
by Robin Gray

What Hackwood Park point-to-point lacked in runners on Easter Monday, it made up in a bumper attendance. An estimated crowd of approaching three thousand gathered on a perfect spring day to enjoy varied entertainments including ferret racing, parade of hounds, tradestands as well as the point-to-point.

Biggest field of the day was in the opening Fullers Brewery Countryside Alliance novice riders race. Seven lined up to face the starter – but only three finished after Elenas River ran out at the seventh fence, Future to Future fell at the same fence on the second circuit bringing down Neckar Valley and Owenabue Valley was pulled up.

Oh So Lively sprinted away to win by three lengths from Heaven Is Above, who slipped on the final turn when well in contention. Veteran Godfrey Maundrell scored a double by virtue of a walk-over in the Carling Vine & Craven Members race. ‘My first walk-over in 40 years of race riding,’ said Maundrell who declines to reveal his age – which must surely be in the region of three score! Maundrell had earlier won the Harwoods Land Rover Maiden race by an easy 18 lengths on Bronze King.


Fullers Brewery Countryside Alliance Club Members race
1 Oh So Lively (Tom Evetts) 2 Heaven Is Above 3 Leonardo’s Friend
3 finished – distances – 3 lengths/5 lengths 7 ran 6m15s

Alan Gibson Volvo Open
1 Walcot Lad (E. Lineham) 2 New Time 3 Watership Down
1.1/2 lengths / 2.1/2 lengths 3 ran 6m22s

Harwood Landrover Maiden
Bronze King (G Maundrell) beat Trooper Kit by 18 lengths – only 2 finished 4ran 6m32s

Caviste Confined
1. Pure Fun (J Banks) 2 Rhythm King Liscooney
3 lengths / 10 lengths 4 ran 6m15s

Berry Bros. & Rudd Restricted
1 May Be Possible (D. Collins) 2 Arvakur 3 Doneraile’s Choice
½ length 5 lengths 4 ran 6m20s

Carling Vine & Craven Members
Droppy’s (G Maundrell) walked over


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